“Thanks Mom”

Dear Mom- Thanks for all the kisses, all the hugs and all the “love yous” you have given me through the years.  Thanks for all for the bowls of tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and glasses of ginger ale you have served me through the years.  Thanks for driving me to ballet, to cheerleader practice and to my friend’s house through the years. Thanks for all the shopping trips, lunches and hair salon days you have treated me through the years.  Thanks for all the care packages, phone calls and the spending money you have given me through the years.  Thanks for all the support, the advice and the listening you have given me through the years.

Thanks for being a great Grammy to my children, to my husband, to my dog through the years. Thanks for raising me, caring for me and still loving me through all these years, I hope I have many more years to thank you for all you have done for me in my life.

Most Importantly thanks for giving me life all those years ago….

Love, your favorite youngest daughter, Susan.  XXXOOO’s

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The Royal Wedding

I am 100% English, although I was born in the USA.  My parents & sister were all born in England (Chester/Cheshire, to be exact) and many family members still live there. The connection to England & Wales has always been a strong one for me.  When England has something special going on, my family pays attention. So, tomorrow the plans of drinking tea and watching the Royal Wedding will be a must for all of the Greens, Wrights & Davies family members….

Watching any Royal Wedding is always great fun but to watch the late Princess Diana’s son marry, seems much more meaningful somehow.  Is it because Prince William seems so like his mother or is it the hope of a new couple to admire and follow?  I believe on the eve of William & Kate’s wedding it is a little bit of both.

Princess Diana would surely approve of her son’s selection in brides.  Kate seems to truly love her son William and the down to earth Middleton Family must also be a welcome part of the selection. I also believe that it should be a happy occasion, however, it does bring back all the feelings of the tragedy of losing Princess Diana at the age of 36.  It is natural to admire how well her sons have grown and matured. Even Prince Charles would have to agree that in Princess Diana’s short life, she made a major, wonderful, great impact on his children and he should thank his lucky stars she was the mother of his children.

 Having watched BBC America daily, I have had a glimpse of the couple’s romance and do believe this is a match made in love.  I am sure I will be joining the billions of people across the globe, waiting, anticipating the moment Kate steps out of the limousine.  So as we raise our Staffordshire English Tea Cups or Portmeirion Cups in my family, we say-“Cheers” to Prince William & Prince Kate,  “Here is to a long, healthy life of happiness, strength and love!” from all of your British subjects near and far!

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Seven Things You Should Know About British Royal Weddings PLUS The Wedding Day Schedule! | The Daily Basics

Have you been waiting patiently by your mailbox for the invitation to London. Well, little did you know that they were emailing it out via You Tube and here it is! Even if you are not into the Royal Wedding, you might like this brief overview of the big day\’s schedule as well as a touch of great history.

via Seven Things You Should Know About British Royal Weddings PLUS The Wedding Day Schedule! | The Daily Basics.

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The Magic of the Easter Bunny

19th Century Easter Bunny


The Magic of   the Easter Bunny is waning in my house.  My triplets cleverly play the game of believing in the Easter Bunny to ensure the arrival of their basket full of goodies but the magical twinkle has gone out of their beautiful, young eyes.

It is one of those moments being a parent that makes you feel a little less magical, like when you are no longer asked to kiss a boo-boo better, just asked to get the band-aid.  We still get to give a hug when they get hurt, but only at home not in public.  Mom walking onto the Lacrosse Field to see if her son is okay is officially over.  As my daughter has also, most recently,  insisted on being dropped off at the Ballet Studio and for me to go on my merry way. 

My triplets (2 boys & 1 girl) will be turning 10 next week and the reality of this fact is a tough one for me.  I am unsure of it comes as more of a blow because it isn’t just one child that wants to be treated differently all of a sudden, but all 3 at the very same time. Admitting one out of three kids  is still very affectionate and will give me a hug in public, but then I worry that he will become a mama’s boy.  I have never been a fan of men who are mama’s boys and I know I do not want to raise one either, so where is the balance?

Anyone’s guess is as good as mine, we all must continue to walk that tight rope of being supportive and caring without being to appear to be heart broken when not being needed for the little boo-boos in life. 

The only thing that I am bothered about more than my children growing up so fast is that I have not had my yearly Cadbury Creme Egg this Easter and E.B. didn’t give any to my kids either.  Tomorrow a trip to Target is on my list with kids in tow (Spring Break) to buy that delicious, creamy, “Cadbury Egg” so that I can feel like a kid again even if it is only for a moment.

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Another Year Older & Another Year Wiser….

April 8, 2011 “Reflections on my Birthday”….I do not believe I could have written this sentiment one year ago today and meant it , with any degree of sincerity.

 This year as many that have come before was filled with many joyful moments shared with my family and a few sorrowful moments I spent alone.  However, in addition to making those memories, I learned something about myself that I have always suspected way back somewhere in my subconscious I had=the ability to achieve great things in my life.  

While trying to find out what really makes me happy (besides being a good mother of triplets, a wife, a daughter and sister), I learned more about me and what I want to do with my life.  I stumbled upon a writing contest and it was as if a little birdy said in my ear…now is your moment…just do it….try and write…what do you have to lose?  It just seemed to be a perfect opportunity to put my true self (smarts) to the test.

The contest was for a short story inspired by a Jane Austen character or Austen’s life….  This was something I knew a great deal about…from the moment Mr. DarcyColin Firth P&P 1995 (a.k.a. Colin Firth) came out of the lake at his Pemberley estate in his wet shirt in the BBC Production of Pride & Prejudice, until the day I finished the last novel written by Jane Austen, I became a Janeite….

Deciding to take on the challenge with my proud Janeite badge gleaming, I went full steam ahead…

I pulled out P&P, Emma, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion and perused the pages, contemplating the characters, the plots and the themes…And the idea of finding more about a character and why they are the way the were written to be was something I felt would be great fun to try….And who better than Miss Caroline Bingley, an odious character that all of us can agree has no good reason for being so mean….so that Austen has us cementing our feelings for her all the way until the wedding of Lizzy and Darcy….yes, she would be fun to write about…

I sat down at my computer and instead of staring at a blank page, I decided to just start typing what I was thinking, hoping, dreaming about writing and eventually, before I knew it “Caroline’s Story” was created.

No, I am not the next J.K. Rowling, I did not even win the contest, but I placed at a respectable 22 out of 87, amongst writers way above my technical writing skills and greater years of experience.   Although, I did win a prize for myself, it revealed to me that I have stories to tell and Austen characters I want to know more about and instead of just picking up another sequel (which I will do) I will write my own sequel….But better than just learning to express myself creatively in a whole new way, I also received a gift of so much more….

It made me feel clever again, it gave me joy and best of all, my children started to get the writing bug too! My 9-year-old triplets all jumped on their computers and started writing!  They have not written an updated version of “War and Peace” or the new series that will take over Rowling’s, “Harry Potter”, but it is the love of writing, reading and sharing the excitement of ideas together that we have unleashed in our family that is priceless.

So the next time you say to someone….I hope to write the “Great American Novel” someday….make someday now….instead of just dreaming about it, go home, sit down at your laptop and start typing…The days you do not feel like writing think of this quote from a very clever, famous writer,

 “I am not at all in a humor for writing; I must write on till I am.” -Jane Austen

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Getting wicked: Or why I’ll never, ever want to trade places with Dorothy (via write meg!)

Oh Meg- I completely understand!!! I HATE the “Wizard of Oz”, my first experience was the movie as well and after that I had no interest in reading the book. Although my fears/nightmares are made up of the combination of the Witch & the Flying Monkeys, I too have spent many a sleepness night over these images (when I was a kid)! My sister (6 yrs. my senior) never understood why I was so scared either…She suggested that I read the book “Wicked”, she assured me that I would love it, it would explain why she became so wicked and she thought I might even grow to like the Witch. (read it about 3 yrs. ago) Well I know many gazillions of people loved the book & the Broadway Show, but I can tell you that I HATED the book. The story was weird, bizarre and a little kinky if you ask me..AND no thank you, I do not wish to see it “live”….

I end this commentary with this thought- My sister doesn’t have the same taste in books, she does not understand my love of all things Austen…And when she finally gave in and watched the BBC version of P&P ( 3 months ago) she STILL didn’t change her mind about Austen’s works and even more shocking…She did not think (agree) that Colin Firth was the most handsomest, hero in the world wet shirt or not…The Keira Knightly version was better she said…

So maybe the Janeites in the world have a different idea of how they want to spend their reading, writing and movie watching time, but I say it is a much better use of our time and all great minds think alike!
P.S. My sister is still the best sister in the world..we just agree to disagree on this subject. 🙂

Getting wicked: Or why I'll never, ever want to trade places with Dorothy Of my many fears born in childhood, there are some that I’ve never quite been able to shake. I’m still afraid of spiders, for one — creepy; crawly; hiding in my shower, waiting to attack me when I’m just trying to get ready for work and OMG please just go down the drain already. Or I’m calling my dad. And don’t think I won’t do it. Ahem. We have my fear of heights — or, more accurately, my fear of falling. Fear of public embarrassment. Fear of … Read More

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Reading “Murder at Mansfield Park” by Lynn Shepherd

Come join us at a new book club for Janeites! We are presently reading a new twist on Jane Austen’s original Mansfield Park. Character’s backgrounds, personalities and circumstances are cleverly changed and adapted to give us a whole new life as well as perspective to Fanny Price, Mary Crawford and a whole new added plot of murder….

Here is our link for the book club: Free to Join!http://tiny.cc/iyn2k

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