Hello fellow Janeites!

 I am a true fan of all things Austen and I have created this blog as a means to connect with my fellow Janeites and share my love of Jane Austen’s novels.

My dream is to become a writer in the JA genre and I have begun writing my first short stories, entering in a few contests and will provide links when possible so that you can read my work.

My first novel “The Fate of Mrs. Tilney” is still in the writing process and I hope to get it published by the end of 2012. A rather ambitious goal maybe, but I always rather “Shoot for the moon and end up among the stars” as the quote reads. 

I also look forward to sharing great Austen book sequels I have read or plan on reading for my subscribers. There will also be books outside of the Austen genre that I will recommend to any of my fellow Janeites and Book lovers.

Sharing links to fellow bloggers, links to make you smile, book clubs to join as well as new movie adaptations to talk of. This and more will all be added to my site.

I am also in the midst of creating/designing Jane Austen inspired jewelry and will add a link for your perusal once my collection is complete!

When you subscribe to my blog you will receive via email any updates and posts I have added weekly. 

This is a work in progress and I plan to continue to improve my blog to include updates and new links at every chance I get!

Thanks for stopping by!



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