Austen Authors 1st Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to a group of people I hope I will be associated with someday soon!  This group of authors have all done something that I am striving to do, get published.

This blog/web site is a truly delightful gift to all aspiring authors but what makes it unique compared to all the other author blogs is that it focuses on Jane Austen inspired books.  People who do not appreciate Austen’s works may think this is too limiting, not enough of a market to bother with.  To be inspired by 6 novels written so long ago their characters are as dusty as the original books themselves is beyond some people.

Thankfully, due to Austen Authors Blog, twitter and Facebook we have sources that share what some of the general populus doesn’t know…Jane Austen’s works were so well written way back then that the characters are as relatable today as they were back in the Regency times.

If you are also inspiring writer, I happily share with you this delightful gift:

Read, comment, learn and share with like-minded authors and lovers of all things Austen. You may even want to buy a few books for your own inspiration.  I pretend it is good common sense researching for my novel, money well invested but let us face it…it is just too much fun to miss any Austen inspired novel…it would be a travesty not to support each other! 🙂

From one wannabe Austen writer to the ever-expanding club out there-Happy Writing & Happy Reading!


About lovesjaneausten

A proud wife, triplet mom, and a lover of all things Austen. I love to read and reread Austen's delightful novels, sequels written by Janeites and hope to someday have my sequel (in progress) to be published.
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2 Responses to Austen Authors 1st Anniversary!

  1. I’m following the school of thought that you should write what you would love to read, and it sounds like that’s exactly what you’re doing kudos and best wishes.

  2. We can dream, can’t we? Won’t get anywhere without goal and a plan.

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