Making Connections (via Jane Austen Says…)

Shannon a fellow Janeite who is published! YIPPEE!!!

The Darcys of Pemberley has been published in all it's forms for a little over a week now. And what a week it's been for me – selling books online and in person, signing "Shannon Winslow" inside front covers, scheduling guest blog spots and a Twitter party appearance. It's a dream come true! But not in the way you might think. Some people aspire to fame and fortune when they begin writing a novel. That's not me. I'm too shy to hanker after televi … Read More

via Jane Austen Says…


About lovesjaneausten

A proud wife, triplet mom, and a lover of all things Austen. I love to read and reread Austen's delightful novels, sequels written by Janeites and hope to someday have my sequel (in progress) to be published.
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  1. Thanks, Susan. Glad you enjoyed my post enough to share it!

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