Book Review on Jennifer Becton’s, “Charlotte Collins”

Book Review:

Charlotte Collins”

written by Jennifer Becton

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       Although I am a novice to writing and blogging, I have been a long time reader of all things Austen. Therefore, when I read any new Austen sequel that I delight in, I am most determined to share it with my Janeite friends here on my blog.

This well written book inspired by Jane Austen’s most popular novel, “Pride and Prejudice” is unlike the many other P&P sequels written thus far. The author does not take the usual path using the beloved hero and heroine of the story Mr.Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet.  Mrs. Becton takes the path less travelled and finds another character to bring to life.  This novel focuses on one of the background characters in the P&P story, Miss Charlotte Lucas, a close friend of the heroine.  In P&P Miss Lucas marries the foolish reverend, Mr. Collins, who is most decidedly rejected by Miss Elizabeth Bennet early in the novel. We cringe alongside Elizabeth for Charlotte’s hasty and practical decision on becoming Mrs. Charlotte Collins. All Janeites/readers long for a better plight for Charlotte but alas it does not happen in Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. 

 Happily, we do not have to conjure up our own thoughts of how Mrs. Collins life turns out in the end,  Jennifer Becton artfully steps in and does it for us. 

We reënter Mrs. Collins life after the sudden death of Mr. Collins.  No tissues required for readers here, the story gives us hope for Charlotte’s new situation.  The younger and more energetic sister Maria Lucas is also brought to the forefront.  This allows the author to include our favorite Regency scenes of balls, dancing, young beaus as well as pretty dresses, bonnets and gloves for the ladies to fret over.  The author takes us on an Austenesque journey that includes all the ups and downs of finding love, losing love and eventually finding the one meant for the story’s heroine.

Closing the book,  I smiled pondering about what would Jane Austen think of Charlotte’s happy ending?  This quote borrowed from the front of this very same book, may give us a clue to her probable answer:

I consider everybody as having a right to marry once in their lives for love, if they can.  -Jane Austen

Ardent readers/fans of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will delight in. *Jennifer Becton’s novel.. The author is a most avid Janeite herself, and in the most agreeable Jane Austen manner she gives us the happy ending we all have longed for in Charlotte Collins.

*You can go here to find out more information about the author and her other book releases.

I happily rate this book: 4 out of 5 quills!



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