“To Do List” & finding more time to write….

My life as of late has been filled with an ever building  To Do List.  However, I know that I am not the only one that has lots of thing to do in her/his daily life. There is  evidence everywhere I go; at the drop off lines at school, the ballet studio and the lacrosse fields.  The quick hello wave we all give each other at the grocery store, library and Target, is proof that my fellow parents out there are just as busy and tired as me.

 This particular To Do List has several  important items on it such as;  finding a better school for my daughter who is brilliant but also has special needs, laundry,ballet recital, my boys lacrosse finals, studying for the Florida Certified Teacher Exams, making three medieval costumes for my triplets by next Friday, cleaning, taxiing the kiddos to school, making lunches, updating my Resume and my “Philosophy of Education”, cooking, cleaning the bathrooms, etc…. However, there is a very important item that is missing on my list lately: Writing.

I started writing this post a week ago, this fact demonstrates how hectic my daily life has been and probably always will be.  But the good news for me is that some of the tasks on my To Do List since I started writing this blog can now be checked off;  My husband and I have found a great school for our daughter for next school year, the Ballet Recital is over, my boys Lacrosse finals are finished and 1 out of 2 FL Teacher Certification Exams are completed and even better I passed the 1st exam.  Having a few of these important tasks completed is great, however, do I need to add to my list, finding time and/or scheduling time for writing my novel? 

Along with writing a book or two,  I am also trying to get back into teaching for this upcoming 2011-2012 school year, after what feels like a gazillion years.  Working full time will also make this infamous To Do List even longer.   However, my kind, generous and thoughtful parents gifted me a laptop for my birthday, this shall be my tool, my virtual quill that will enable me to write anywhere. 

My plan is to write while waiting on the pick up lines, writing along side my kids while they do their homework, writing an hour before bed every evening, writing in all the quiet moments that we all try to grab for our sanity.  In other words between the many To Do List items, I will write, write and write some more.  It may take me longer that I had planned but that is okay, life is a slow journey (Or is it a marathon?) not a race. “Whatever” as my 10 year olds would say, bottom line, time goes by too quickly for all of us…

 A mini Epilogue   

In case my Plan A doesn’t work, I have come up with a fantastic Plan B.  I will get my hands on Hermione Granger’s Time Turner and add some days here and there each month to write.  I think it is as clever as my back up plan for retirement; to play and win the lottery…


About lovesjaneausten

A proud wife, triplet mom, and a lover of all things Austen. I love to read and reread Austen's delightful novels, sequels written by Janeites and hope to someday have my sequel (in progress) to be published.
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2 Responses to “To Do List” & finding more time to write….

  1. Time seems to be the enemy to us all….But at the same time, it reminds us to savor each and every moment…..sigh. 🙂

  2. I’d love to borrow that same device and add a few days for uninterrupted writing, as well as a couple for reading. Never enough time!

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