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I will read forever…..

  I will read forever because there are never enough happy endings to enjoy. I will read forever because there are never enough mysteries to solve. I will read forever because I love to visit my favorite characters in my … Continue reading

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“To Do List” & finding more time to write….

My life as of late has been filled with an ever building  To Do List.  However, I know that I am not the only one that has lots of thing to do in her/his daily life. There is  evidence everywhere I go; at the drop off lines at … Continue reading

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Disney cartoonists ahead of the Royals in fashion?

I had a whole blog written up all about my thoughts on the Royal Wedding but it was boring and everyone seemed to have the same view as me anyway.  Therefore, I skipped the story every other blogger chose to … Continue reading

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“Thanks Mom”

Dear Mom- Thanks for all the kisses, all the hugs and all the “love yous” you have given me through the years.  Thanks for all for the bowls of tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and glasses of ginger ale you have served me through the … Continue reading

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