The Magic of the Easter Bunny

19th Century Easter Bunny


The Magic of   the Easter Bunny is waning in my house.  My triplets cleverly play the game of believing in the Easter Bunny to ensure the arrival of their basket full of goodies but the magical twinkle has gone out of their beautiful, young eyes.

It is one of those moments being a parent that makes you feel a little less magical, like when you are no longer asked to kiss a boo-boo better, just asked to get the band-aid.  We still get to give a hug when they get hurt, but only at home not in public.  Mom walking onto the Lacrosse Field to see if her son is okay is officially over.  As my daughter has also, most recently,  insisted on being dropped off at the Ballet Studio and for me to go on my merry way. 

My triplets (2 boys & 1 girl) will be turning 10 next week and the reality of this fact is a tough one for me.  I am unsure of it comes as more of a blow because it isn’t just one child that wants to be treated differently all of a sudden, but all 3 at the very same time. Admitting one out of three kids  is still very affectionate and will give me a hug in public, but then I worry that he will become a mama’s boy.  I have never been a fan of men who are mama’s boys and I know I do not want to raise one either, so where is the balance?

Anyone’s guess is as good as mine, we all must continue to walk that tight rope of being supportive and caring without being to appear to be heart broken when not being needed for the little boo-boos in life. 

The only thing that I am bothered about more than my children growing up so fast is that I have not had my yearly Cadbury Creme Egg this Easter and E.B. didn’t give any to my kids either.  Tomorrow a trip to Target is on my list with kids in tow (Spring Break) to buy that delicious, creamy, “Cadbury Egg” so that I can feel like a kid again even if it is only for a moment.


About lovesjaneausten

A proud wife, triplet mom, and a lover of all things Austen. I love to read and reread Austen's delightful novels, sequels written by Janeites and hope to someday have my sequel (in progress) to be published.
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One Response to The Magic of the Easter Bunny

  1. And the good news is that the Cadbury eggs are probably half priced now, so you can get twice as many! Enjoy those triplets, but I can vouche for the fact that your kids growing up is survivable.

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