Getting wicked: Or why I’ll never, ever want to trade places with Dorothy (via write meg!)

Oh Meg- I completely understand!!! I HATE the “Wizard of Oz”, my first experience was the movie as well and after that I had no interest in reading the book. Although my fears/nightmares are made up of the combination of the Witch & the Flying Monkeys, I too have spent many a sleepness night over these images (when I was a kid)! My sister (6 yrs. my senior) never understood why I was so scared either…She suggested that I read the book “Wicked”, she assured me that I would love it, it would explain why she became so wicked and she thought I might even grow to like the Witch. (read it about 3 yrs. ago) Well I know many gazillions of people loved the book & the Broadway Show, but I can tell you that I HATED the book. The story was weird, bizarre and a little kinky if you ask me..AND no thank you, I do not wish to see it “live”….

I end this commentary with this thought- My sister doesn’t have the same taste in books, she does not understand my love of all things Austen…And when she finally gave in and watched the BBC version of P&P ( 3 months ago) she STILL didn’t change her mind about Austen’s works and even more shocking…She did not think (agree) that Colin Firth was the most handsomest, hero in the world wet shirt or not…The Keira Knightly version was better she said…

So maybe the Janeites in the world have a different idea of how they want to spend their reading, writing and movie watching time, but I say it is a much better use of our time and all great minds think alike!
P.S. My sister is still the best sister in the world..we just agree to disagree on this subject. 🙂

Getting wicked: Or why I'll never, ever want to trade places with Dorothy Of my many fears born in childhood, there are some that I’ve never quite been able to shake. I’m still afraid of spiders, for one — creepy; crawly; hiding in my shower, waiting to attack me when I’m just trying to get ready for work and OMG please just go down the drain already. Or I’m calling my dad. And don’t think I won’t do it. Ahem. We have my fear of heights — or, more accurately, my fear of falling. Fear of public embarrassment. Fear of … Read More

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A proud wife, triplet mom, and a lover of all things Austen. I love to read and reread Austen's delightful novels, sequels written by Janeites and hope to someday have my sequel (in progress) to be published.
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5 Responses to Getting wicked: Or why I’ll never, ever want to trade places with Dorothy (via write meg!)

  1. I grew up watching The Wizard of Oz on TV every year. I don’t remember loving or hating it; it was just a tradition. To this day, though, I don’t like monkeys. I wonder if that’s why. My early childhood trauma came from seeing Peter and the Wolf – wolf nightmares for years and I never learned to love dogs.

    I’m lucky that my sister totally understands my Jane Austen obsession. She’s not much of a reader, but we love watching the movies together (the Colin Firth version of P&P being our mutual favorite, watched at least 3 times a year).

    Thanks for the post, Susan, and the walk down memory lane!

    • Shannon- It is interesting to know how some stories (books & movies) have had a part in shaping our likes and dislikes as adults.
      I note about my big sis, she may not understand my obsession of all things Austen, but in her own way she supports it! LOL! She gave me two beautiful Jane Austen cross stitch patterns with all the necessary materials to create the pieces of art for my Birthday! 🙂

  2. Meg says:

    I love my sister dearly, Susan, but just like you, I’d have to say that we have pretty different ideas about things! I’m glad to learn I’m not the only one who doesn’t like or appreciate “The Wizard Of Oz,” and not even “Wicked” could change my opinion of that!

    I thought the book was all right and did enjoy the play, though I don’t tend to link the two in my mind. The Wicked Witch from the classic film is still evil, scary and nightmare-inducing, and the Elphaba portrayed in “Wicked” is . . . just another character entirely.

    Sorry to hear your sister didn’t love P&P the way the rest of us do, but that’s all right! My family doesn’t quite understand my obsession, either. But that just means more Jane for the rest of us! 🙂

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